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Monday, April 09, 2018
By Sandeen Photography
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The Ankeny Lacrosse Senior boys look ready for the season to start, if only the Iowa weather would cooperate! If memory serves correctly, I believe the temperature was around the 50 degree mark when the boys came through the studio for their shoot. As we speak, it's a balmy 35 out. Think warm thoughts gentleman!

Always a pleasure working with Ankeny Seniors for their sports posters. The process takes place here at our studio in Uptown Ankeny, and we were able to turn the entire project around in a few weeks. We were also tasked with printing 12"x18" posters to be displayed in local Ankeny businesses to promote the Ankeny Lacrosse club. If you have a need similar to this, we can help be the complete solution from start to finish.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018
By Sandeen Photography
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This last fall I was lucky enough to work with the Ankeny Centennial Girls Basketball team.

Team posters are always a collaborative effort, and the senior leadership on this team had a pretty cool theme to work with. I am often asked to start from scratch, but a unique motto can really set the tone and get the ball rolling in the right creative direction. "Individually we are drops, united we make it rain" just begged for a stormy downpour setting. A light misting of water on the basketball and arms helped blend the athletes into the photoshop rain effects. Overall it was a challenging and fun shoot. It was a blast working with the team and parent committee on this year's poster design.


I had an idea for a senior banner, and wanted to create something special for this small group of seniors. We went over a few quick concepts, changed my lighting setup, and took some pseudo action shots in my studio. The results were fun! This was printed on a 2'x3' vinyl banner and hung in their gym.

The 17-18 Basketball season is coming to a close, and it looks like the Lady Jags have had great season so far! I look forward to seeing how they finish out post season play. Good luck in the tournament ladies!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
By Sandeen Photography
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From time to time we travel for our Senior Photo shoots, and that was the case with Zach Martin. Having the run of a golf course in Clarion Iowa is MUCH easier than getting onto one here in Ankeny. Zach has been working at the golf course and taking full advantage of his fringe benefits. 3:00 in the afternoon was the perfect time for us to sneak on, and create some cool images that really brought out Zach's personality. Oh, forgot to mention, this kid can chip almost to a dime on the green. I'be been involved with photographing pros and amateur golfers over the past few years, and Zach truly has a talent and love for the game that is unique. Photographing athletes in their elements are one of my favorite things to do.


Just when I thought that the locations couldn't get more impressive, we headed over to their family's beautifully landscaped home. Waterfall, trees, wild tall grass, just very very impressive location. More importantly, it was a part of where he grew up. Locations are one thing, but meaningful elements turn it into something so much more in the end. 


The album we were able to put together was worth the trip alone. Zach had such a variety of looks and interests, it was truly the best way to display his images. Below are a few spread samples of what we put together.

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Monday, October 30, 2017
By Sandeen Photography
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Johnston kids come to Ankeny to get their senior photos taken too! I know, it's just a stones throw away, but I cannot get enough of the diversity of this years senior class. Ashley and her mother was gracious enough to let Sandeen Photography take Ashley's Senior Photos. We had a VERY productive shoot. Not only did they take advantage of our package that included makeup service in studio, but they also took advantage of our pre consult so Ashley could rock a wardrobe that would stand the test of time.

The photos above are the quint essential to why you hire a professional. Professional makeup artist, professional hair stylist, professional photographer. Each individual client has different skin/hair, makeup preferences, and the weather is not always the most cooperative. Since Ashley had the perfect trifecta, her session was a breeze. Hair was on point, makeup was fantastic, and we had the proper training on how to deal with the ever changing lighting situations at hand. Cloudy, not cloudy, full sun, no sun, full shade, partial shade, in studio, we ran the table of looks available to us.

I can't think Ashley and her mom April enough for choosing us to photograph her for her senior session!

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Friday, October 13, 2017
By Sandeen Photography
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Ankeny Senior Photos are something we can create for you.

Moms need Senior Photos of their boys too! I hear it all the time, "my son just isn't looking forward to this" or "he's just not into having his photo taken". Truth be told, this is typically the case for a senior boy. Not all, but most, and that is O.K. This is why coming to Sandeen Photography in Ankeny for your senior photos is important. We take the hassle and worry out of the statements above, and create an environment that everyone enjoys.

I'll admit, Kale didn't seem like the most excited Ankeny Senior during the booking process. But, with our approach and technical skills at work, we were able to relate and make some awesome images in an appropriate amount of time. Within 10 minutes, this young man gave the camera looks that mom will cherish forever. This is also why it is important to hire a professional photographer. There is so much more to Senior Photos than having a "good camera". Lighting, posing, location scouting, building a comfortable environment, professional gear, ability to use professional gear, these are just the ingredients to a successful Senior Photo session. Putting them all together and still having fun with your clients is where the craft is truly at play.

At the end of the day, Kale was awesome. He put up with my shenanigans, and left with a smile. I truly enjoyed working with this young man and his family for his senior photos.

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