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Monday, September 04, 2017
By Sandeen Photography
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Everyone Needs Senior Pictures - Sandeen Photography

Everyone needs senior pictures, but what is a senior picture experience?  At Sandeen Photography, we take you from conception to the delivery of a final printed product. Anyone can go make pictures, anyone can learn how to make the basic portrait, but not everyone can provide the experience you are truly after. True, not everyone will want to jump into a creek with smoke bombs attached to an umbrella. Nor will everyone want to cover their hair in flour and capture a hair whip. I'm not even sure how many people will want to stage a rainy night and be photographed in it, but it sure does produce some unique results.

This is just one aspect of a senior session. We enjoy very natural looking beautiful portraiture just as much as the creative shots. However, pairing a unique idea with talents and interests of our senior clients is the ultimate goal. We celebrate your passions with a piece of photographic art. Not to mention the story you will leave here with. Every time you see this image of yourself, you will remember the getting ready process, the fun you had at the shoot, and the smiles and laughs shared with your loved ones who were in attendance. There is no better way to put time in a bottle. THAT is a senior experience.


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