Ankeny Centennial Basketball
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Tuesday, January 30, 2018
By Sandeen Photography
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This last fall I was lucky enough to work with the Ankeny Centennial Girls Basketball team.

Team posters are always a collaborative effort, and the senior leadership on this team had a pretty cool theme to work with. I am often asked to start from scratch, but a unique motto can really set the tone and get the ball rolling in the right creative direction. "Individually we are drops, united we make it rain" just begged for a stormy downpour setting. A light misting of water on the basketball and arms helped blend the athletes into the photoshop rain effects. Overall it was a challenging and fun shoot. It was a blast working with the team and parent committee on this year's poster design.


I had an idea for a senior banner, and wanted to create something special for this small group of seniors. We went over a few quick concepts, changed my lighting setup, and took some pseudo action shots in my studio. The results were fun! This was printed on a 2'x3' vinyl banner and hung in their gym.

The 17-18 Basketball season is coming to a close, and it looks like the Lady Jags have had great season so far! I look forward to seeing how they finish out post season play. Good luck in the tournament ladies!

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